Big Question!!!!


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Has anyone ever heard of Pro Pilot Training in Ft. Lauderdale. They claim a guaranteed job when finished. 1,200 TT, 100 Inst., 200ME. They quote 39K. Let me know if you've ever heard of this place. Sounds GREAT!!!!! But then again, so does the high of heroin.
I live here in Fort Lauderdale, I think I will go check them out and see for myself what its like over there. I haven't heard of them, asside from reading thier ad. in Flight Training.
Thanks Turkey. Let me know what you think of that place. Look at their website. That's where I saw a guarantee for a job. I think that's a little incredible. peace out homey.
I believe Pro Pilot is out of business. Someone asked about it on a few weeks ago and the consensus was that Pro Pilot is no longer in business.
Oh really. That's kinda funny. I left them an email to send me a packet of info and they replied. They said that I will get something in the mail and someone will be contacting me by phone. Maybe they'll come back just to train me. Or not. What's up with that place?
Robair 73,
I just checked out the website, I was impressed with what they offer, but for the price it sounds too good to be true. I am also looking for a good flight school to attend, so I also requested the info, and I will set up a tour to check out the facilities. I should be able to tour this week, so I will give you the scoop soon.
How did you hear about them? I have been searching for schools for 3 months now, and I have never heard of them.
I think Panamguy is right. I called thier phone numbers 1-800-pilot-app and 954-359-7788 Both were disconected. Its no wonder they are out of business. Do the math, 1200TT for $39,000 = $32.50 a flight hour. It was too good to be true. Back to FSI or Pan Am. /ubbthreads/images/icons/confused.gif
Don't know if this means anything, but a few of their arrows are for sale on trade a plane. My family just bought an arrow, and while we were looking some were listed in Fort Lauderdale and said they were owned by Pro Pilot Training.
Well that sucks. I guess I can't go there then. It peaked my interest with the offer and everything, but thank god I didn't get my hopes up. Maybe they'll be able to give me a plane and write it off as charity. Maybe some headsets too, and even a log book. What dopes. If they really offered that, why wasn't everyone going there? They must have really sucked. Hey turkey where are you looking to go and when?
I have narrowed my search down to 2 schools. Pan Am, and Flightsafety. I want to start no later than September, preferably in August. I just cant decide on the school!
That's funny. I have Flight Safety, Pan AM, Embry Riddle, ATP, and Embry Riddle in my sights. I narrowed it down to those so far. I can't decide until I see the schools and am able to compare.