Best To-From Airport Car


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So, I don't know anything about cars. Zilch. Nada. Nuttin.

Right now - I'm a Transcon commuter, for 2.5 more commutes. And then, I'm finally going to be based at home. (Again) I was very lucky to have taken advantage of a subsection of our CBA and was able to participate in a base trade about 6-7 years before (statistically) I estimated I could hold the left seat on the west coast.

What this means is 7 years of being the plug in the base, 9-10 years of reserve.

Anyhoo... I currently drive a '99 Accord. An amazing car, perfect for a transcon commute, and no one is going to be breaking into it. (I gave it the Carolla treatment) Long story behind the car... I'd like to keep it forever, but I'm going to be going back and forth to work more. Ventura County to LAX (48 miles) and LGB. (68 miles each way) And I was hoping to take advantage of the HOV lanes, pay less for gas, and have a more comfortable drive.

Honda Accord Hybrid? Drove one, it was ok.
Honda Clarity?

I don't need to get anything tomorrow. But I was to take advantage of timing the best pricing on the best car for the mission. Actually, I'm looking towards the end of the year when I know that I probably won't get displaced or anything.

Oh, and now that i'm going to be "home more" on reserve, (yeah, right) the wife wants something I can fit two car seats in... so I can drag the kiddos around to their things.

What is the wisdom of the collective?


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Depending on your budget, I think CA has some good incentives to buy all electric like a Tesla. I know in the UA employee lot here in ORD there are car chargers, so there’s your easy refuel when you’re working.

I currently drive a 2005 Saturn 25 miles each way, so I’m not really one to talk, but it’s paid off, and the AC is ice cold, so that works for me.


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I do 84 miles to/from the airport, 90% highway. I bought a ‘15 Jetta TDI (turbodiesel) for the commute. With diesel currently being cheaper than regular unleaded in SoCal and it getting 46-48 depending on the day it treats me well.

Post the diesel emissions nonsense they ran the powertrain warranty way out to I believe 160k. It’s a nice driving car, quiet on the highway, 600 miles on a tank without breaking a sweat, and good creature comforts for the price. I wanted a Golf but the last year of the Golf TDI is an oddball.

I’ll sell it when we move but it’s perfect for me and what I do until Tesla gets the prices down a bit more.


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@ClearedForOption California has recently made getting a Carpool Sticker much more difficult by limiting it to basically just electric cars and plug in hybrids. Accord Hybrid isn't on the list but Clarity is:



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So I made some assumptions: your current car gets about 25mpg and gas in CA is about $4/gal.

If you make the round trip once a week, you end up with ~$1,000/yr in gas. Insurance on a ‘99 is cheap (I have a ‘99 Ranger), and if you’ve owned it a while, it’s a known quantity maintenance wise.

How many years of saving $1,000/yr in gas do you need to recoup a new car? Factor in depreciation and higher insurance, and the cheapest car to drive is usually what you already own, barring a major other reason to change.

Also, who wants anything but a beater in the employee lot?


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VW MK7 GTI with a JB4 tune. Better yet....just get a Golf R and have fun on the drive! You’re welcome!:cool:
I've got a MK7 GTI....have not done a tune....bit afraid to.

Golf R may be the next ride though. Tempted to hold out for a used Model 3 Tesla, too.


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If you are too picky, the new 2020 models will be hitting the lots within the next few weeks for most makes, 1-2 months from now you could get a good deal on a "leftover" 2019.


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Stopped off in Muskogee KMKO for some extended activity. How surprised I was to see a TESLA 3 courtesy car in the parking lot.

Who would have ever thought? Nice airport AND a Tesla to boot!


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The HOV lane thing in California is crucial. I'd get a Prius or all electric with a carpool sticker, in that order. The carpool sticker is the only thing worth paying for. If you could slap that bad boy on the old accord that is what I'd do. But you can't so I'd buy a Prius in reasonable shape.

If you want to go full electric and do the PV array on the roof, charging station etc and the car just because of tax breaks that could work but would require a lot of research. Probably still cost a lot. But all that and a power wall could be the bee's knees since PG&E keeps turning the power off.


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Check this list of eligible cars if you're in CA and want the carpool sticker. Priced it out two years ago after our old Nissan Leaf's stickers expired and the Honda Clarity Plug In was the cheapest car option that qualified. So we leased one but sold it to Vroom and made some dough off the residual value. Wife didnt need it as a daily driver on the 405 anymore due to maternity leave and work from home!