best study material


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I know that it is a good idea to have all the writtens done before attending ATP. What do you guys think the best home study courses are the best. Im looking at the Instrument now.


Sporty's are cheaper and seem to cover a lot more than the KINGS courses. Have any of you used Sportys Instrument course, and what did you think of it?

I have the KINGS PP course and thought it was good but only prepared you for the written, no extras?

Did sportys prepare you well for the written as well? plus more?

Thanks for your help!
I didn't have any of my writtens done before I got to ATP....I wish I had. I ended up having to cram for all of them in a short amount of time. When I did, I used the King videos and I thought they were pretty good. What extras did you want to be prepared for? I think the written tapes are for just that - the writtens. I'm sure you will get anything else you need in the hours you spend in ground instruction.
Just my two cents.......
I've seen both king and sporty's videos. I think the king videos do a much better job. More organized and understandable. The sporty's videos aren't as organized in my opinion. I had a hard time following what they were actually talking about at some points. Lacked focus at some points.
Just trying to get the most for my money. I want a course that will give me great material for the written and more information on IFR flight.

Does the King dvds seem to have as much info as the sportys? (all approaches, entries to holdind, systems ect..)

Sportys list every thing their course shows on the web site and the Kings does not.

Plus I will not be able to start school for a while so I would like to learn as much as I can in this waiting period.

I can't tell you about Sporty's as I have never seen it...however I felt King did a great job on their instrument course. It went through pretty much everything and was very informative.....I figure if it helped me understand instrument must be really good!