best ifr book


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I'm looking for what you all think is the best ifr book out there. I've been out of instructing for a while now and would like to know what you all recomend now. I use to use the instrument flying handbook but thought it was a little vague for students.
Rod Machado's Instrument Flying Handbook is very informative.

Pro's: Written very clearly, good illustrations, up-to-date, lots of information

Con's: WAY too much annoying/crappy humor....
IFR: A Structured Approach by John Eckalbar. Hands down the best book I've found on not only how to fly IFR but how to think IFR also.

<-- Coming from someone who's been doing the single pilot IFR thing for a couple years now.
Have the complete collection for PVT/INST/COM from Jeppesen, ASA, and Sporty's as well as CPC (Kings) + Gleims. The blue ASA book mentioned above is good.

The Complete Advanced Pilot from Bob Gardner is good. Machado books are good, but I dislike the obvious need for humorous remarks all the time.

I selected Sporty's for the Instrument, scored a 96% on the written and was overall considered overprepped during my training (probably because I read a lot).

Finally figured out that the easiest books to work with was the INST/COM from Jeppesen (not because I used to work there) and the FAA Publications. Now I own some ~220 pounds of Aviation books, DVD's and learning stuff - and it all cooks down to this:

Jeppesen & FAA Pubs. :)
Flying IFR by Dick Collins. If you want to feel comfortable sending your students out into the real IFR environment, read this book. I learned a lot