Bells Palsy


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Has anyone ever had a Bells Palsy disease or know anyone who has one? I have had it for two weeks now and the recovery seems to be slow. For people that are not familiar with this disease- it is a facial nerve disorder that affects one portion of your face and your eye. Usually it takes a week or two for some individuals to recover from the disease but for some it sticks around for a while. My question is now- my Commercial medical is due very soon and i have net yet recovered from the disease so would i lose my medical when i disclose this issue to the doctor? If there is anyone that is familiar with this issue i would really appreciate your responses. Thanx in advance..
Well if your medical is due in May, you have until the end of the month to renue it (same with any month).. Uhm, that's the best advice I can offer
I don't have any personal experience with it, but my friend's brother had it and another friend's dog had it. I believe it's simply an infection that blocks facial nerves and causes temporary paralysis. I don't see any reason why having an infection at some point in your life would prevent you from getting a medical. If you are still on medication when you go to your physical, it may cause some issues though.

My friend's brother has no long lasting effects from it and neither does the dog. I don't know how long the symptoms lasted.
Is that a genetic disease or do you contract it?

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No actually it is not a genetic disease but my dad also had it when he was my age too. It is a viral infection you just get out of no where and most people tend to recover within weeks.

But guys i appreciate your feedbacks and if you have anything new let me know. thnx much
A guy I used to work with had it about four years ago (actually seven people had it within a year) and held a first class medical. I spoke with him today and he hasn't had any other occurances nor has he any problems renewing his medical.
My father experienced Bells Palsy about a year ago. He made a full recovery in less than sixth months and shows no signs of ever having it
I'd talk to an AME about it before going in for the exam. My best guess is that he/she would tend to defer issuance until you've fully recovered. He/she might defer to OK City anyway, which means it'll probably take a little while to get your medical back.
I was just diagnosed with bells palsy yesterday. Its not painful, just uncomfortable. I was gonna ask the same question. From what I understand they THINK its viral. They really dont know exactly why. I dont see why they would take away a medical.
I used to be a caddy on Nantucket and I got Lime Disease from a tick while I was out there. The Lime disease also caused a form of Bells Palsy to form and half of my face was totaly paralized. I recoverd within about 4 weeks from both Lime Disease and the Bells Palsy. That was back in 1995 and I dont have any lasting or recurring effects.
But guys i appreciate your feedbacks and if you have anything new let me know. thnx much

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j/k, my old man had Bells Palsy a few years back and it went away in under a month.
What would happen if you stopped taking the medication?