Being an Instructor at FSI


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I am quickly approaching the end of my training here at FSI. Although I understand the name recognition is top notch and hours/month are usually good I have some concerns.

1. It seems that most instructors have 3 or less students at this time.. =less flight time

2. An overall feeling that people don't enjoy working "for" FSI.. here they treat the instructors badly

3. My main concern is it worth it ie: the hiring process, the treatment, and overall satisfaction when compared to other options.

Just curious to hear some viewpoints as I hear different things w/ everyone i talk to...
"You can't instruct at a better school then FSI"
"They treat the instructors like crap and you'll be here for 2 years and the CFI cost 7 grand"

Thanks for any input or opinions!
Where else are you gonna get the multi time like you would at FSI? I worked at a flight school at ILG in DE and we had a Seneca. Had great rates on it. Never saw one person take a lesson in it! In fact, only flew once that I know of in the year that I worked there.

Small schools = possible(slight) better treatment, very little multi time.

FSI (or big school) = Fast time building, fast multi building.

But since I am not yet a CFI @ FSI, this is all theoretical and not based on my experience.