Before landing checklist question


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I'm going to get my multi add on in December and am in the process of going through the supplement. I have a question regarding the before landing checklist.

It goes as follows:
1) Gear down
2) Fuel Selectors on
3) Flaps 25 degrees
4) Mixtures Fwd
5) Props Fwd
6) Fuel pumps on

My question is what order are you supposed to perform this in. I always start at the floor with the gas and work my way up and to the left. This flow pattern works out well for me so that I don't forget anything. Does ATP want this checklist done in this particular order or could I start at the floor working my way up and to the left like I'm used to?
Also, I notice that flaps are set directly to 25 degrees. Do you always bypass 10 and go straight to 25?

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Thats the right order, and your flow procedure is what ATP will want you to do. the Seminole is easy to fly and 25 degrees is the norm for most landings.
1)gear down - hand on lever until 3 green- no red light - one in the mirror
2)fuel selectors on - (both foward on the seminole)
3)flaps 25 (40 for short feild- when established on final)
4)mixtures foward
5)props foward
6)fuel pumps on
7)landing light on

Good luck with your training


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ATP likes flows too.

For the gear-down flow, it doesn't make sense to start at the floor, because you will want to get your gear down before putting the flaps down.
1. Gear helps you slow down to flap range.
2. Gear horn will sound if you put flaps to 25, before putting gear down (and you don't want to get used to hearing the gear horn)