Before Going


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Make sure you ask all the questions before you go not after you sign "the contract". If anyone has questions I'll be homest and to the point. By the way out of the 16 that started in my class in January all but six have gone another route.
Sweet! Your at the Phoenix campus? That's where I'd like to go, since most the family lives in Albuquerque and I don't know anyone in FL. Asuming that is where your at.. could you give me a run down of your exprence thus far?
The campus is good the instruction that I recieved is good. The red tape is pletiful and politics run ramant. However I am glad to have recieved my Private thru my Comm. Multi. There I know more than most CFI's that is the good part. But you will go over budget dont let anyone tell you otherwise. The ACE program is garbage. You have to take it to get a job there now adays. If it was last it might not be to bad. I was told that if you don't do ace they will not allow you to do CFI. I don't know how true that is. Don't let the looks win you over like it did me. Ask alot of questions. Just be carefull. By the way try to pay as you go that way you can stop when you want and take a break inbetween each rating if you need it. Otherwise they are a pain in the ass to deal with when it comes to time off. Besides they don't have all your money. I do now that not everyone can pay as they go. i could not do that but see what they will do. Do not use the apartment finders that they use look around yourself I am paying 200 more than most of my friend because I did bot look around by myself. Oh ya and the summers are HOT as HELL. The AC works but not that much when it is 125 in the cockpit. Good Luck with your venture.