Becoming a Comair Instructor question


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Hello all,

I have a question about becoming an instructor at DCA.
Right now I have my commercial single/multi/instrument ratings, and I'm considering becoming an instructor at a local flight school in Daytona Beach. I was wondering if down the road it would be possible for me to become a instructor at DCA if I took the checkrides somewhere else. If so I assume there would be some kind of checkout and standardization class, which I have heard is very difficult to get into. If anyone has any info on this please let me know. I'm getting the impression that if you want to work for a particular school, you should do all of your CFI training with them.
Hello NC,

I talked to Tracy Thomason from DCA at a seminar held in Oakland, CA last month. If I recall correctly, he said that you can earn your PP, IFR, COM & ME certs elsewhere, but in order to instruct at DCA, you have to complete their CFII/ME program successfully & meet their general employment requirements. In addition to that, you have to demonstrate that you meet their VFR & IFR flight profiency standards. I haven't seen any real numbers yet, but from what I've seen on this board, you're probably looking at several thousand dollars for each for VFR & IFR proficiency training. And even if you already have 2000 TT, you still have to teach for 800 hours before you can be eligible for hire by a DCA affiliated regional.

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