Bar Harbor.


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I know that there are some guys on here from BHB. (Aca-dia?) I plan on spending the night next Friday and hanging arond for awhile on Saturday. I have a few questions.

Where is the best place to spend the night on a budget?? What is the best way to get from the airport to Bar Harbor?? I was planning on taking the sailboat tour on the "Margaret Todd." Is it worth the money? And last, what are some good restaurants that I should hit?

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Bar Harbor is still pretty slow this time of year. Im not sure which hotels/motels are open (though plenty are and they should be on early season rates). Acadia Air does have a crew car, but Im not sure if you can take it overnight. You can rent a car at the terminal right next door or worst-case call a cab (its about 15min from the airport to the town). There will be little or no seasonal operations open yet, so your best bet will be just driving around the island and checking out Acadia National Park (that’s where the aca_dia comes from). There are many great places to eat during the summer, but the options are more limited until May. Galyn's or Geddy's Pub on lower main street are open year round and the food is pretty good at both.

Places to stay that might be open and that are in town and not expensive:

Acadia Hotel (207)288-5721
Aurora Inn (207)288-3771
Acadia Inn (800)638-3636 (not right in town but close- sort of like a chain type motel)

The Chamber of Commerce can help you more here....
If I may add - Bar Harbor is a GREAT little town!! I had the pleasure of visiting when I was in college and DEFINITELY plan on going back one day!!

You'll enjoy it!! Try to eat brunch at the Inn (on the water). Great food and INCRDIBLE view!!

Just my $0.02.