Bad passenger!


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BILLINGS - A Northwest Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Boise, Idaho, made
an unscheduled landing here Tuesday after an apparently intoxicated passenger
became unruly and assaulted others on board, a federal aviation official said.

John Kinney, acting federal security director in Billings, said Flight 1279
landed at Billings Logan International Airport shortly after 1 p.m., and that a
female passenger was removed and taken into custody. He said the flight was on
the ground for nearly 11/2 hours before resuming.

Yellowstone County authorities identified the woman as Judith McKenith, 55, of
Bergenfield, N.J. She was not immediately charged.

Kinney said the plane was over Montana when the passenger became "physically
engaging" with others on board. He said one passenger asked her to settle down
and the woman struck that person in the face.

He said the woman lashed out at about a half dozen others, including a flight
crew member - kicking, biting and slapping them - before finally being subdued
by passengers. Kinney said the woman also was combative with local police who
took her into custody.

Billings Police Chief Ron Tussing said police helped remove the passenger but
that the matter would be handled by federal officials.

Dan Vierthaler, supervisor for eastern Montana with the FBI, said his agency
responded, but that he could not comment at length. He said he was unsure what
charges, if any, may be filed.

The U.S. attorney in Billings did not immediately return a phone call seeking
comment Tuesday.

Kinney said no one on board required medical attention.

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I watched the premier of "Airline" on A&E the other night, and it's like the woman said . . . "we don't know how these individuals act while intoxicated (as some can be fun drunks, others violent) . . . and up there in the air is not the place to find out."

I am all for removing/preventing individuals from flying that are intoxicated.


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I am all for removing/preventing individuals from flying that are intoxicated.

[/ QUOTE ]

Yup. I think they should make a new rule that when a pax gets drunk and belligerent and starts hurting people, they should be removed from the plane... Without going through the trouble of diverting and landing.


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Just a wee bit hard getting the aircraft depressurized to open the door.


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Ah well...they could descend into a breathable altitude. Its easier than having to go all the way in and land.


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But then if you can dump 'em out at FL 370, they'll be a frozen block, hit the earth near terminal velocity and shatter into a million pieces.

No evidence, no crime!


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I have no idea on earth (well I do, actually - profit) why airlines are even allowed to sell alchohol on board. If you (as a pax) can't sit two or three hours without a drink, my friend, you have a problem.

The FARs prohibit the PIC from allowing intoxicated/high people from boarding but when you start flying 121 you just get 'em drunk in the air!

The ATA at work ... and management has the b@lls to not like unions. Go figure.