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On some applications it asks you if you have ever been charged with or pled guilty to a traffic offense.. I had a minor ticket a while back however I made a deal with the court and the charge was dismissed granted that I kept a clean driving record for a certain amount of time. Anyway on my application I checked no on the box because I was told that as long as I had a good record it will be considered to never have happened. Now I am wondering if it is possible to be found on my record. My driving record is clean, I held up my end of the deal and the ticket was dismissed. Is it possible to see what offenses you are charged with on an airlines background check??? Should I bring this up in the interview?
If you received a deferred sentence, there were no violations filed with the state and your record will be clean. You would be answering truthfully if you said that I have no violations. However, this is not the case if you received a suspended sentence though. With a suspended sentence, you will have a mark on your record but the penalty is 'suspended.' Check over your court material.
Mail this in to check your national driving record:

The national driving record often differs from your state driving record and any background check, as far as I know, will look at both.

This thread seems appropriate for my question, so I'll go ahead and ask. When I was 17, I was pulled over for a DUI. Through some research, I've concluded that this won't affect my FAA licensing, but when it comes to being hired, will this hurt me a lot, a little, none? Thanks in advance!
Aren't your records sealed for violations you committed as a minor?

What does the application say? Does it say you can exclude crimes committed before you were 18 (I know that for a few jobs I've applied for it says that) or does it say all crimes? And if you were convicted for DUI before you were 18 and your records are sealed, does that count?
Well, as far as any sort of criminal record, any formal charges against me were thrown out based on my academics, no prior run-ins with the law, etc. The issue here is that the court system and the California DMV maintain entirely seperate records. So, as it pertains to that driving record check mentioned above, my suspended license will certainly come up.