Background check and Vision test for ATP


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Just wondering what's involved for the background checks, I mean I'm no criminal or nothing, but I have had one misdameanor when I was 17 (nothig bad, just a misunderstanding, $20 ticket!). Anywya, is it just the standard print and 10 year refference, or is it involved like polygraph and interviews with everyone under the sun?

Secondly, what's invloved in the vision tests for class 1 medical? I must admit, I do have some slight colorblindness, but not really. I have trouble making out SOME (not all) of those numbers in the colored dots. Is that the same test used? I heard that these is a test to distinguish red, green and white lights from a control tower, or something to that effect. Is that only for PPL, or can they do that up to ATP?

Lastly, regarding vision, can one have corrected vision,(glasses) and be cleared for class 1 medical. I mean, the bottom line is that I don't want to plop over $80,000 training at Pan-Am just to find out that I can't advance to the Airlines.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.
heres a link to another thread here on jetcareers for the colorblindness part colorblindness

All classes of Medical 1-3 have the same color vision requirements.

also check out the schools forums here there are a heck of alot more schools out there then pan-am. The airlines dont care where you train as long as you have the certificates.

Lastly, regarding vision, can one have corrected vision,(glasses) and be cleared for class 1 medical.

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Yes. as long as its 20/20

hope this helps.
I agree that you can get your licenses MUCH cheeper elsewhere. I have looked in to Pan Am and feel it is entirly too overpriced. I am starting at ATP in January. The price there from PPL-MEI is roughly $43,000... and 90% of that time is multi engine time. I won't say that I know everything about every flight school, but I have found ATP to be the best bet so far. I started out at Embry Riddle, so I obviously know that there is something better out there than just the name. ATP will also get you though quickly... I don't know if that is a factor for you... but I hope you check into it...
Best of Luck to you