Back from recurrent training


Killick Stoker
Just got back last Wednesday from Simcom in Orlando FL after 3 days of recurrent in the Baron. They do a pretty good course and it was pleasing to see that the course is varied. I did 4 hours of class and 4 hours of sim each day as there were two of us taking the training. It was good fun and I always feel like I learned something of use.

They use a FRASCA sim for the training and it is pretty good as a training tool. Especially for Multi-engine procedures. My sim partner had real difficulties with engine failures while in IMC. Crashed us a good few times by feathering the wrong engine and a couple of times by letting it get slow and hitting VMC.

THe partial panel stuff is very useful and almost all the approaches were performed using raw data. I was pleased to find that my instrument scan is still very good and that I could fly a single engine ILS down to mininums without the flight director or autopilot.

Anyway - enough rambling - had a good time and it was well worth going down there! I have to go every year as our insurance company requires it.

I also got a fresh IPC and had enough credits to get the new FAA Basic Wings award.