Back flying again!


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After a year abscence I'm back in the air again. I took two weeks vacation to finish my PPL. And because I'm so lucky, this storm my part of the country and I lost two days. However, after 1.0 hr of flight I havn't lost all of my skills.

I ordered the GPS 196. Anyone on this forum have one or any GPS and want to comment on your experience with these devices? My next purchase will be an ANR headset probably the Bose.
I have a GPS196 and its been great! The moving map redraw is 1st rate! I couldn't see spending the money on the color model! I would suggest getting some rechargable batteries and keeping a spare set in your bag! I can get 10-15hrs without the light on and about 4hrs with the light on continuously. The jep updates do get expensive. They are about $34 a month. The Garmin software updates are free and very easy to install. The unit comes with everything you need to fly, if you going to use it in the car you should get the car kit for it! I ordered mine from a website TVNAV I forget the URL very good service and fast delivery and great prices!

I would also like to say that I have the Lightspeeds XL20 Headset and its really quite comfortable and the ANR I just couldn't fly without! I have tried a friends Bose and honestly I can say its not any better that I could detect, but Im sure your wallet could!
Happy shopping

WELL ive used the garmen 430's ....those can't be beat for IFR in my opinion. GPS approaches are very easy to set up. I have heard that some of the Bendix king IFR stuff is a little bit more difficult to set up. I would go with a 430/530 combo if I had a plane.

That will be $20,000 dollars please.
I have used the Garmin Pilot III and liked it.
Price is reasonable, but not stellar IFR capabilites.
We used it VFR in the Mountains in Montana where there
isnt any Navaid coverage.

well, knowing ghostrider, i wouldnt doubt that. I would go with the Garmins over anything, they are awsome

I personally like the sustakanikanfotopi 42 hundred the best. Not very popular, but very uneffective.

Yeah GhostRider...i read your post, I remember you saying that you used it for VFR
...but i usually read pretty closely