BA Concord


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BA (British Airways) announced a couple of weeks ago that it will be retiring its fleet of the world's fastest civil airplane (?)...CONCORD. Anyone with some insight into that? I also heard over the next 5-6years, there are plans to build the world's biggest museum (dedicated to concord) where Concord is going to be the centre of attraction.
Sucks. That was one of my life goals would be to fly on the concorde.
I read the other day on some website (dang, I wish I knew the address of it) that Sir Richard Branson is trying to buy all the concordes and wants to keep them in the air for another 20 years. British airways seems like they would rather put them in museums, although.
I hope he can take over operation of the concordes, so I can fly on one of those historic birds one day.
Yeah the great bearded one has said he wants to fly them, however it is more then likely a publicity stunt, and it has certainly worked, he must have had over $1M in free advertisement from it.
If BA can not operate the bird profitably there is no way Virgin can, especially be the sole operator of the aircraft. Atleast BA had AF to share parts, staff, etc in JFK.