B777-200 Virtual Jumpseat


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I was in Marv Golden's last night and discovered a DVD of jumpseat video on a UA B777-200 flight from O'Hare to London-Gatwick. The production quality ain't all that hot (particularly the audio), the shots didn't always focus on things a pilot would have, and there are far too many out-the-window shots at scenery, other airplanes, etc, but it's a very cool vid nonetheless. The captain explains how pretty much everything in the cockpit works, and you follow him and his crew from preflight brief through engine shutdown, and then a more abbreviated return flight the next day.

Having never jumpseated on an airline before, I found it to be a very informative glimpse into CRM (like how an experienced captain briefs the takeoff and approach) and international airline ops. The capt even explained things like ETOPS and auto-downloading of flight plans into the FMC via radio. All in all, pretty cool stuff. Certainly worth the $23 price of admission.

The company that produced the DVD is at http://www.worldairroutes.com
I love those videos too. I have one taken in a 727.

The very first time I jumpseated I was amazed at how "ordinary" it seemed. I fly a Beech 1900 and my first jumpseat experience was on a Continental MD-80 from EWR to TPA. While the systems were more comlicated, I was amazed that the patterns, flows and procedures were very similar to what we do on the 1900. I got even more of a shock one time when I jumpseated on USAirways, I found their checklists were in EXACTLY the same format ours were, same font even! Of course we used to be a USAirways express carrier and our DO's husband is a USAirways pilot, so my guess is their checklists were developed from that. I have also had the chance to ride on a Delta 757, again very similar.

Kind of neat to see that in many ways there is not a lot of difference from how we all do things even though the size of our aircraft are very different.

I miss the old pre- 9/11 days. Haven't ridden up front since.
I have seen that DVD also, in Airways magazine. That seems to be the only jumpseat video from an American airline. I always thought that that was never allowed on a U.S. airline?
My understanding is that before 9/11, anyone could ride jumpseat on American carriers if it was outside of FAA airspace.
Ya, that is a great video by World Air Routes, although I would have to agree on the out the window shots. I would have liked to see more work going on in the cockpit instead. But it is a really great video. Another one from an American Airline, is a Continental Express, ATR 42-300, flying from it's base in Newark, NJ, to all over the New England area. The 777-200 video is better in my opion though. By the way, what is Mary Goldens??? Thanks!
By the way, what is Mary Goldens???

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