B737 down in Russia


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Reported that Aeroflot B737 is down in Perm, Russia. 75 pax and 6 crew lost.


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737-500, if it matters.

It's easy to say "RIP", but we can't even begin to imagine what the families are going through.

The victims are in my prayers.


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RIP :(. What is up with Russian aviation? How many is that this year? :confused:

I don't want to speculate on this accident but aviation as a whole in Russia is lacking qualified pilots. After the fall of communism aviation went into a spiral. Now they are playing catchup. Private jet aviation is full of western pilots (USA, Britain, etc.) As aviation advances more Russian pilots will gain experience on western aircraft and we will see a rise in safety. Until then, because of Russian Aviation regulations, some of the pilots on airline aircraft are not as experienced. Aeroflot and other companies can not hire non Russians for the job which could bring massive amounts of experience right away. So private jet aviation has a remarkable safety record in Russia while our airline brethern gain experience the much harder way. It is a sad situation but with time it will improve.

As an end note...I fly on Aeroflot as a pax regularly. I find them to be a safe carrier. Aeroflot Nord and Aeroflot Don (the independently run carriers, one of which operated this particular aircraft) have a different record of safety unfortunatly.