B.F.R logging


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Can someone explain this to me please:
It is about logbook entries after a B.F.R .

If the student is still PIC as in within the 24 cal. months and passes the B.F.R, I as the Instructor log instruction given therefore PIC in my log and the student will be logging instruction received aswell as PIC.The student will also receive the B.F.R endorsement in the back of the logbook.Is this correct?
In addition does this differ if the student is not PIC due to the 24 calender month lapse?
Thanks for any advice.
It would be the same if they were out of date and could not act as PIC. They could still log PIC if you give them dual, since they are manipulating the controls.
Yeah, this goes under acting versus logging. Also, there is no BFR, but there is a Flight Review.