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I just had a really neat front row seat to a B-1 high speed flyby. I was on final for 23 L at Wright Patterson AFB and a B-1 did his wide downwind to base to final for 23 Rright in front of me. He was 800' (TCAS Alert) above me and about 1/4 mile in front of me. What a gracious picture watching him turn above me, and FAST too!!! There were also 2 T-38 doing close patterns with some impressive pull ups at the end of the runway. They were doing this because the Airforce was haveing thier Marathon at Wright Patterson today. I think my C-12 impressed the crowd more though.


Damn! If I wasn't in freakin North Dakota I woulda seen it come right over the building I work in, I'll have to ask my dad if he saw that.


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I got a closeup look inside a B-1 out at McConnell AFB about 10 years ago. At the time, I thought that was just about the coolest airplane I'd ever seen - fask 'n sleek as a fighter and big as a airliner...sweet cockpit, too. Now, when it comes to military hardware, I'm more a fan of the older stuff (F-4s, C-141s, and F-111). Color me nostalgic.


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I have a friend that moved out of the B-1 and into fighters a few years back. He said that it was a great plane, but really did not have a chance if it got into a visual fight. They had a 2 G limit on it. I bet they could do a lot more if they had to.