AWOS/ASOS, bad reports, and Part 91


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Hi Folks...
On page 217 of Everything Explained For The Professional Pilot(4th edition, not the latest), after describing AWOS, its says...."AWOS observations are considered the "official weather" unless "challenged as incorrect." If the AWOS is reporting IFR conditions (e.g. isolated fog around the sensor), but the pilot's eyesight is reporting obvious VFR, the Part 91 pilot's observation overrules the AWOS..."
He then goes on to explain ASOS, but doesn't make this statement. So does this include ASOS as well?

ASOS is only different because it was also put out by the NWS, DOD and FAA.
ASOS also has a few more capabilities than AWOS-3. For the most part, exactly the same thing.

AWOS was only put out by the FAA.