Aviator visit Wed. Nov. 5th.


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Wed. I will be flying out from Portland Ore to visit The Aviator, meet the CFI's and staff, check out the aircraft and generally have a great time. I'll be doing some apt. hunting as well while I'm there.

I'm planning on attendind the first or second week of Jan, so I'm very jazzed about the move back to 'ol sunny Fla.

Sat' I'll be going to Daytona to spend the day at the Wings and Waves Airshow, anybody want to join me?

The wx forecast as of this morning for Vero was SCT.T-storms on Wed, Thur. We'll see what transpires by then. I was hoping to hop backseat for someones lesson while I'm there, but we'll see what the wx gods have for us. I suppose I'll get quite adept at dodging the t-storms while I'm there training.

If anybody has any comments or ideas for me, let 'em rip.
See youz guyz there...