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Got any good ones....?

I came across The Afterburn Podcast. Pretty good listen. John 'Rain' Waters. Recent F-16 demo pilot now flying commercial. Great breakdown of whatever subject they are covering. Jusr listened to a breakdown of the recent F16 crash at Shaw AFB....
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Airline Pilot Guy - That podcast kept me in the game so to speak, I’d always listen to it when I felt like quitting or I couldn’t make it after some speed bumps. Owe a lot to those hosts that kept aviation funny and fun.

Aviation Careers Podcast - Carl Valeri is a career changer who really cares about those seeking a career in aviation, he even has an excellent scholarship resource that offers many pilots a chance to get to the next step.

Ready for Takeoff is a good one, especially for those with a military aviation interest. Tons of mil pilot stories and mil to civilian stories.

The English in me loves Plane Talking UK. A very fun podcast that hits news items and some feedback. Plane Safety Podcast hosted by a UK fractional pilot is good as well

Pilot to Pilot Podcast is my new favorite. A Fractional pilot who has all kinds of motivating guests telling you about their stories.

One I just found last week is the fly good podcast. Another great host, she is a 747 pilot who is working on her rotor license and brings aboard great motivational guests. Especially good for those still in training.

I have wanted to start an aviation / veterans GI bill podcast now for years. But my lack of a radio voice (I sound like Bart Simpson after a hit of helium) mixed with life getting busy has not allowed for that to happen. Would still love to do it someday. I’d love to be able to connect with those that feel like there isn’t a possible way to make this career happen, or any good career happen for that matter, because a decade ago that was me. I even looked up to some you weirdos here at JC :D
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You'll find some real winners here. From private to commercial, freight and ATC:

If you want to learn about the battles, pilots and aircraft of WWII, you will love this site:

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