Aviation Related Job/Career in Michigan/Great Lakes Region


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I am beginning my job search post undergrad and I thought i might get lucky posting on JC. I will be graduating from Michigan State University in december with a degree in International Relations. If anyone knows of an FBO or any aviation related business in Michigan or surrounding state that is looking to add a helping help anywhere in the business can you please pass me a line. Anything from line service to customer service to...anything... would be great. I will be completing my PPL in the next couple of weeks and I am looking to find an aviation job/career while I possibly go for my ratings. Thanks for any leads or support, JC has been amazing during my training. Thank you. :)
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The largest thing you can do for yourself in aviation is NETWORK.

That being said, a job at a FBO might get you that networking you need for a better job down the road. In addition, alot of employee's tend to get a discounted rate for either rental or instruction, so that is something to consider.
Check out the operators in the area.

Run a search on the internet, or just go down to the airports around the area.
Check out other citites too, just try not to be to restricted!

Just a thought!