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Hey! Its been my lifelong dream to become an airline pilot, but I've been thinking and I don't like the idea of being away from home so much, so I was thinking that I still want to have something to do with aviation. What kind of jobs with airlines can you get with an Aviation management degree? Thanks!
Here's the list:

- Customer Service Agent
- Air Traffic Controller
- Manager of Corporate Flight Department
- Dispatcher
- Crew Scheduler

Those are the ones I can recall off the top of my head right now.
Why not just get a business degree, that way more doors are open to you at the end, including ones in avaition.
Agreed! Get an MBA. It will be much more valuable and useful to you. Look for a school that has an aviation mgmt program and a good business school - take some aviation classes and minor in Av Mgmt or have Av Mgmt as a 'concentration' in your coursework for your business degree/MBA. An aviation managment or admin degree would be very limiting.

I'm with Jason and Iain on this one. Get a business degree.

My plan is to get an MBA in either general management or info systems management and then go someplace like Dowing College and do their post MBA certificate program in aviation management.

That way I'm limited to just an aviation job (you know in case I can't find out).

My thoughts.

You know it!

The funny thing is that I swore up and down in my interview for my current job that I've never do management.

Crazy how life works isn't it?

A few others outside of the airlines, but in the aviation industry included, Aviation Analyst, Aviation Consultant, Aviation Economist, (Asst.) Airport Manager and Program Analyst with the Airport Authority. I have both, a BS in Aviation Management and a MBA. The MBA is much more marketable.