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I'm about to complete an internship in journalism for my minor at school. The plan is to write weekly Op/Ed columns and I would like to keep it aviation oriented . . .

. . . so I'm asking for what numerous aviation issues would each person like to see addressed. Seeking help brainstorming for ideas!
That's actually a good topic!

Here's a little more spin on it. Many cities and citizen groups around the country that have longed for years to restrict general aviation are rallying under the flag of the so-called "War on Terrorism to impose new restrictions on general aviation.

A couple of good examples:

"Disney is now a no-fly zone": Something they wanted to impose for at least the past 15-years, but were able to squeeze in under the fear that some terrorist is going to think running a Cessna 150 into Space Mountain is going to make us cringe and convert to Islam.

"Chicago's Meigs Airport": Developers wanted this closed for years because it is prime real estate, and after all, those rich guys with the Citabria can drive to Palwaukee! The mayor decided that the airport's close proximity to downtown Chicago was all the ammunition he needed to declare that he's illegally closing the airport to protect the citizens of Chicagoland. Strangely, almost overnight, new plans were drawn up for usage of the new property.
ALPA's conflict of interest in representing for instance Delta and Comair at the same time.

[/ QUOTE ]

That's pretty simple. If Comair is getting dissed by ALPA, there's always the APA and Teamsters!
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Funny you mention the Disney TFR Doug. I'm sure their primary purpose was to get rid of the banner towers advertising other resorts.

Now they still go in there, they just get a squawk code!

MCO ATCT pretty much treats that TFR as a joke anyway.