Aviation Atlanta


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Does anyone know anything about Aviation Atlanta? I am seriously considering going up there to instruct. I spoke with Philip Sanders over the phone a couple of weeks ago. He seemed like a true professional! He told me to qualify for an instructor position with the school I would have to get all of my CFI ratings with them. This seems reasonable to me. I would appreciate any feedback!


One of my buddies instructs there part time. He said that they usually hire from the inside, but do hire outside instructors and you would need all your CFI's... from what I have heard and see, they do good business and are a good school. And PDK is a busy airport!
I know that Aviation Atlanta is a busy flight school. I am sure that if you got your CFI's there then any standardization classes would already be covered and cost the school less. I am sure you will get that multi time pretty quickly also. The folks I have talked to there in the past and been very friendly and professional. I cant think of anything bad that has happened to them that has made the paper here in ATL.