Avianca celebrated New Years a little too hard


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All of Avianca's aircraft are N-registered. Like Derg's favorite "member" said, I suspect this was a financing/insurance thing.

Side trivia: Some Aeroflot aircraft have "VP-B" & "VQ-B" (Bahamas) registrations. Rather than pay the massive import taxes for Boeing and Airbus planes, they just never import them. I guess Russia allows foreign-registered aircraft on their equivalent of an operating cert. The Russian-made aircraft have the regular "RA-" Russian registrations.
Bahamian registration is C6-



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I'm curious as to what a pyrotechnic balloon is. When I was kid we'd build lego houses with a ziplock bag inside with a model rocket igniter taped to it. Once the structure was completed we'd take it out to the driveway and fill the bag with acetylene and set off the igniter with a 9V battery. It seemed like it would rain legos for 30 seconds after it went off. Good times that unfortunately got cut short when the police finally figured out where the loud noises were coming from and all of our parents locked up their welding rigs.


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Did the pilots have to get Irish pilots licenses?
I operated a Bermudian registered aircraft several years back and we were all issued a letter from the Bermudian DGCA authorizing us to fly it with our FAA issued ATPs and type ratings. There were some nuances to flying it also, notably I remember not being allowed to do look-see approaches even though we were part 91(not that we did that kind of stuff anyway, it was just reminded to us) and the MEL was different.