Avatar Websites?


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I thought this would be a unique (either stupid unique or cool unique, your choice) and tranquil
(yes a tranquil topic) topic to discuss. So, does anyone care to list any avatar websites that they know of?
I'll start it out with the only one I know of.

When I first joined this wonderful site I had wanted to have either a Delta 757 or 777 as my avatar.

I went to Airliners.net and clicked up a pic. that I liked and then tried to use it as my avatar but it kept getting denied sayin that it was too large.

So then how'd you do it?

So then how'd you do it?

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Well, I think you can paste the pic into "Paint", assumming you have windows (If not any other image program should work fine). Then, click the little box (approx. 1 mill.) in the corner of the pic and drag it inwards until it is the appropriate size. I think this should work, if not I'm sorry, but good luck with it.
You have 3 pics to choose from; Small, Medium, and Large.

Copy the small one to paint. You just have to make it a little smaller. Save it and then put it in your profile.

Using Microsoft Photo Editor (if you have it) will give you slightly better results when resizing; but a real photo editor is best. It does a better, smoother job at resizing, plus you have better control over the amount of compression when saving to the .jpg format.

The only thing I'm not sure of is if using photos from airliners.net is a violation of Airliners.net Restrictions on usage of photos.
You have limited rights to personally view the images with your web browser and to use them as your personal computer wallpaper (or background image) on your own computer. These photos may not otherwise be reproduced, distributed, cropped, resized, or otherwise altered without the written permission of the photographer. No commercial use of these photos may be made in any way. All rights are reserved.

You may not use these photos on any web page, commercial or non-commercial, for profit or non-profit, without written permission from the photographer.

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Mine is from Boeing.com's 727 image gallery; according to their terms and conditions:
Boeing owns and retains the copyrights in the images except as noted. No copyright license (either express or implied) is granted to the user, other than the right to reproduce the images without alteration for non-commercial, personal use only.

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Not sure if I'm in violation of that one... I did alter the image by shrinking it, although the use is non-commercial, but is it personal? I don't know. I guess one of these days I'll change it to a photo of myself.
Well since my photo doesnt have that little copyright bar like the bigger photos have I'm not too worried.