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AVANTAIR, INC. P-180 First Officers
Email: Click here to apply
Web site: www.avantair.com/careers/pilots.html

Avantair Inc. - Headquartered in Clearwater, FL, Avantair Inc. is the exclusive North American
provider of fractional aircraft shares in the Piaggio Avanti P.180 aircraft. Avantair is the
fifth largest company in the North American fractional aircraft industry and the only
standalone fractional operator. As of January 1st, 2008, the company manages a fleet of 44
aircraft and continues to add additional Piaggio Avanti IIs to the fleet every three to five
weeks. It also has announced an order of 20 Embraer Phenom 100s. Avantair, with operations in 5
states and over 340 employees, offers private travel solutions for individuals and companies at
a fraction of the cost of whole aircraft ownership. These aircraft offer the latest in avionics
and technology. Avanti II aircraft are equipped with the Collins Pro Line 21™ avionics system
while the Phenom 100 will utilize The Prodigy™ avionics system. All Avantair pilots are
trained and checked to a level of proficiency required for a Pilot-in-Command. Flight training
consists of ground and simulator instruction at FlightSafety International. First Officer
positions are currently being offered to experienced pilots. To be considered for a pilot
position with Avantair, you must possess the following minimum requirements. If you do not meet
any one of the minimums listed below, but feel you possess other valuable attributes, do not
hesitate to also send in your resume for review. Our recruiting department looks forward to
developing relationships that could lead to the beginning of a career at Avantair. Our schedule
consists of seven days on and seven days off and is coupled with the unique start-day standing
bid policy that offers our pilots more control over their schedule than any other fractional
company has to offer. To maintain this unique schedule, pilots are required to have a primary
residence within a two-hour drive of the desired open gateway of your choice. Crash pads and
commuting are strictly prohibited. Current Open Gateways Atlanta, GA (ATL), Baltimore, MD
(BWI), Boston, Ma (BOS), Charlotte, NC (CLT), Chicago, IL (ORD), Cleveland, OH (CLE), Columbus,
OH (CMH), Dallas-Fort Worth, TX (DFW), Denver, CO (DEN), Houston, TX (IAH), Las Vegas, NV (LAS),
Los Angeles, CA (LAX), New York, NY (JFK) (LGA), Newark, NJ (EWR), Phoenix, AZ (PHX), San
Francisco, CA (SFO),. St Louis, MO (STL). Captain Upgrade: Due to our selective recruiting
process and training techniques, average upgrade is typically earned in one year. While
seniority plays a role in the selection process for upgrade, skill and merit are major factors
to ensure safety and owner satisfaction are maintained as the primary focus at Avantair. First
Officer Requirements: Minimums requirements: 2500 Total Time, 1000 Multi-engine, 250
Instruments, 100 recent multi engine turbine or type rating, 250 Hours within the past 12
months, Airline Transport Pilot preferred, First Class Medical, Current Passport, FCC
Restricted Radio/Telephone Permit. Benefits include, but are not limited to the following: Per
Diem, Medical/Dental insurance, LTD insurance, Life insurance, Vacation, 401K. Begin your
relationship with Avantair today by sending your resume to: pilotjobs@avantair.com. For more
information about our company or position, please visit link attached or visit the following:
Had an F/O in my base take a voluntary furlough to go there. He said you need to know someone there right now in order to get an interview. I guess they have been getting a lot of resumes with the furloughs going on.
Couple guys I worked with at Alpha went there, I heard mixed things. I know at one point they were also in a lot of financial trouble about a year or so ago, but despite everything in the past year there still around, hats off to them! :)
Hmm, very interesting. Time to make a few phone calls. Thanks for posting.

edit: From an associate of mine who is there right now. 12 month training contract, just an FYI. He enjoys the company and has enjoyed the flying. He was an "airline" guy, furloughed from AirTran.
I sent an app in although in todays market I may as well have just sent my app to fedex as im sure it will get the same attention.
Apparently there's no sim for the P180 because they do all of their training flights there at PIE. I see them in the pattern all the time.
Anyone know how much they're paying their FO's. I saw the training at West Palm. Wonder how much the training costs.

I used to have Avantair land ahead of me in Addison. It only took me ONE go-around before I learned to begin ridiculous and humongous S turns on final cause they slowed down SO much it was like they'd hover in-then slowly taxi all the way to the end of the runway. The super sexy, silky voice tower lady didn't even fuss at them, but thankfully, I managed to keep my Yap shut.