Attention: Jon Reed!


New Arizona, Il Duce/Warlord
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Hey man, I lost your email address during the great hard drive crash of 2003. Can you zap me an email?


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Hello Doug,

Without divulging my name to the masses...are you trying to reach me? My name is similar to "Jon Reed". I lost my password for FlyBoy84 and the site didn't reply to my request for a new password, so I became MarineNav. Just check out my email address and let me know. And thanks for the time you put into this site!



New Arizona, Il Duce/Warlord
Staff member
Nah, the guy who wrote "In the Sky" in my perspectives section.

My hard drive crashed, I lost the last two installments of the feature along with his email address!



Have you tried to contact your host, and see if they have records of email sent to or from you on their server.