Attaching space shuttle to 747

Every inch of the orbiter is carefully investigated and sealed for flight, which is often as low as 10,000 feet to avoid extreme temps.

1. Extreme temps? Isn't that kind of ironic, considering that's what the thing was built for? I mean, it goes from the vacuum of space to 2300F on reentry, sooo...yeah.

2. A 747 across the country below 10,000 ft? No wonder it costs so much move that thing.

Pretty cool, though. Reminds me a lot of a lego set I used to have :D

that must be a very, very precise process.

At least they are doing it all in the horizontal plane. Look at when the mate the orbiter to the stack. The cranes take it from a horizontal position, to a vertical one, and then move it to the tanks, to be mounted.
I remember back when I was in third grade or so circa 1977, watching a free glide test launch from the back of the 747 of the Enterprise. That was way cool.