ATSAT prep class question


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I was wondering if people would take a class to prep for this if one was offered. say for like 700 bucks or something?

you know how kaplan has tests for LSAT, GMAT, so on and so on, would people take a class like this?


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In short, No.

A regular training or running drills could probably help people bring their score up a few points, but it probably won't make much of a difference. The only lesson should be to learn the math equation, but then again, if you can't divide in your head it's useless anyways.

The lesson should be to get a good night sleep and eat a good breakfast before you go take the test. And dress comfortably.

I'll take my 700 dollars now.


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That's a big NEGATIVE!

Enough people do well on their own. However, if you can actually get people to pay you 700 for that, let me know so I can get in on some of that action!


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Although, I'm sure if you set a lower price you would probably get some takers.