ATP's PPL program


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ATP\'s PPL program

for students that have attended ATP's PPL program..

Did you finish in the 60 days that they prmised? Is it really 5K? HAHA, just kidding guys.

I read on anotther post that they thought the PPL program is only available at the JAX location, is that true? and does the PPL program inlcude hos\using like the Career pilot program?

Re: ATP\'s PPL program

SeminoleDave is the only registered user that went through the PPL program, but he's a little busy right now.

For now, the program is available only in JAX. The price does not include housing- however, they have leased a new apartment exclusively for the students in that program (I set the place up- it was pretty damned nice), and it is available for an additional 1,000. It houses you up to the beginning of the ACPP.

Overnights will happen on your time-burning XC phase. [The popular route right now is a flight from JAX to DFW or AXH (Houston) and back!] That housing is included.