ATP's Planes?


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ATP\'s Planes?

First of all, I am sure this topic has been discussed before but the search didn't turned up any results. O.K., back to my question, what are the condition of ATP's planes are they older, newer, have AC, nice, ragged. You get the picture, any input would be appreciated.
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I can attest to the equipment having just completed the ACPP and having flown aircraft from ATP's locations in Florida, Georgia, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, California, Oregon, etc.... Each of the aircraft were maintained in wonderful condition. As far as AC goes... All the aircraft have that... it just doesn't kick in until your around 5-10,000 feet AGL. LOL!
Seriously... no AC.

From ATP's Website:
ATP owns and operates a fleet of 75 aircraft:

60 Piper Seminoles
21 New 2000/01/02 Models
39 Refurbished 1979 Models
All HSI & GNS 430
Moving Map GPS Equipped
14 Cessna 172s
All GNC 300 Moving Map GPS Equipped
14 AST Multi-Engine FTDs
Level 1 & Level 3 Certified

Every aircraft, with the exception of one 1998 model 172, is Garmin moving-map GPS equipped.

Additionally, 21 of the Piper Seminoles are brand new 2000/01/02 models. These aircraft are equipped with dual Garmin GNS-430s.

The Cessna Skyhawks are used only for Single-Engine ratings in the Airline Career Pilot Program, Commercial Pilot Program and CFI Program.

ATP's Seminoles, both 2000/01/02 and 1979 models are all HSI and Garmin GNS-430 Moving Map GPS equipped for a standardized cockpit. These aircraft are maintained to the highest standards at our nationwide maintenance facilities.

[/ QUOTE ]
Also you are welcome to visit any of the locations. In fact, do a search on Smokey's posts... he visited the Jax location and got a tour of the maintenance facility... he was impressed as well if I recall. I think he starts the Private Program in Jan.

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Re: ATP\'s Planes?

You don't have to worry about the condition of ATP aircraft. They are well maintained and in fine shape. All of them are Garmin 430 equipped (new models have dual) and none of them have AC......LOL Anyway, the students in the ACP program ferry the planes to and from the maintenance locations for their respective inspections while completing the cross-country portion of their program. Overall, the planes met my expectations for the money I spent.