ATP Written Time-Frame


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For those who have taken, or watched those take, the ATPw Prep... what time do you usually finish by?

I know you can take the exam at anytime you feel ready, but just curious to when most take the plunge and walk out with their scores. I've got my eye on a commute back that evening and wondering If I'll have a chance of being done by then.

Most people study until about 2pm because they are tired and do not care if they pass or fail by then. Most then score in the high 80's to low 90's
The course is designed to be a study period from 8am - 6pm with the test beginning at 6. After that... it's up to you. If I remember right, you get up to 3 hours. Some folks walk out at 6:15... other's much later. It depends on how you feel your doing.

You can opt to take the test early... only if:

1. You fully understand that it's not recommended to do so.
2. A proctor is available at an earlier time.
3. There are no other testing applicants using any of the computer banks for any other type of testing prep during your test.

Personally... I waited until 6pm and still felt unprepared. However, I walked out 35 minutes later with a low 90's score I think.

Hope that helps.

How fast you get to the test could be based on how well you are at memorizing questions and answers and how well you are at memorizing patterns for the data questions.

Either that or how much you studied the prep book or how much you actually know about aviation, lol.