ATP Written Test Prep


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Does anyone know of a website that charges like $79 (or something) and has an ATP written test prep program similar to the one used at ATP (the school)?

I had it but can't find it anymore.
I used Sheppard. While not perfect, it did help me score a 93 on the written. I like the way in that it allows you to re-arrange the questions, re-sort the answers, hide the incorrect answers, only study one section, and take practice tests. What I don't like is that many of the "explanations" simply reference a FAR or an AC, which makes understanding some of the questions a real PITA to go lookup.

Overall though, I would recommend it.
I'd give you my ATP written if I could. ;) Out of curiosity, why are you going for your ATP?

I used Sheppard and highly recommend it.
It's for a student of mine.

He was going to pay the couple hundred bucks for the ATP flight school course but I think it's a bit expensive.
I used the gliem disks, and I like the fact that you can emulate the test company's software, I could go at my pace, and the ways you can study can vary.

I don't know if the other brands have the same functionality, but if they do, I'd say they're all great.
I used the Dauntless software along with the ASA Test Prep book. I found it good to have the 'figures' in printed form. Dauntless wasn't perfect but it did get me through with a decent enough score (91). YMMV
If you want to get the test over with I would suggest sheppardair. If you want to get in depth and learn about everything, go somewhere else.
22minutes-96% 6hrs of study time with sheppardair. Wham Bam Thank You Maam. Highly suggested.
Another one for Sheppard. I fly an ancient aircraft and even it caculatates EPR for you. Who needs to know some of that stuff? :)
One more for Sheppard two days to study and got a 98%. I even got back $25 for calling them and giving them a heads up on the two extra questions and giving them feedback.
Don't even think about anything but Sheppardair. They have the most updated questions. Gliem 1300 questions , Sheppard 600 questions. I memorize all the Gliem questions , took 20 practice test all above 85 , made a 68 :panic:, threw the Gliem book in the Mississippi river , studied the Sheppard software 2 days , made a 94. Gliem has 7 year old questions.

Sheppard Air !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D