ATP Written Questions


So in between launching resumes to any company that could possibly be looking for CFI's I decided to start studying for the ATP written but have some questions.

I am only 20...I remember reading a thread a while back but could not find it in a search. I roughly remember it stating that CATS wouldn't let him take the ATP written because he wasn't 21 yet. Wondering if anyone has any experience on that.

Also Part 135 and 121 are both options for me but if I do the 121 ATP written and then get hired with a part 135 gig do I have to take the written over again? If so should I just wait?

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Well to get your ATP you need to be 23 years of age. The test will expire after 2 years if you do not get the rating. Although if you're flying for a 121 carrier it doesn't expire, I don't remember the exact details of how that works but that's the basic idea. I don't remember if that's true for 135 or not. (Sorry too lazy to look it up right now).

It doesn't matter if you take the test 121 and go work under 135, or vice versa.

I'd say wait on taking the test for now, although studying for it isn't a bad idea since there's plently of material that you will use eventually.


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You are safe 135, too. BUT who is to say that you will remain employed at a 121/135 carrier. Take the advice of somebody who had to take the the ATP written twice for this very reason. It's sucks so much more when you are studying for it a second time.:banghead:

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