ATP written and MEI checkride passed!


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After a couple years away from Aviation (mainly due to frustrations of the economy), I decided to get back into the field. I decided in order to get my knowledge level back up to where it should be I would complete my MEI (did my CFI & CFII about 4 years ago).

Well, I passed my MEI checkride on Friday (took about 3 weeks from start to finish). Overall the checkride was pretty straight forward, although I was really nervous about short field landings as those had been my weakest point. But, had some amazing weather and everything worked out great!

I also studied my Shephard Air software all weekend and took my ATP written this morning and received a 100% on it. That is by far the best testing software I have used, so thanks to JC for recommending it.

Now all I need to do is complete an IPC and find a job.