ATP vs Ari-Ben


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The Airline Career Pilot Program resembles the Pro Course through Ari-Ben and Ari-Ben's is cheaper.

What reasons did those of you looking at the two choose ATP over Ari-Ben?
Do a search on this topic. It's been coverd at least three times in the past year.

Ari-Ben is probably the most competitive in price to ATP. In fact... their price per rating definately beats ATP. I too had considered them... What it boiled down to for me was my interview with ATP, their location was close to my home, the equipment, and the "hope" of possibly instructing with them back in my hometown.

Keep doing your research, and give both ATP and ARI-Ben a call.

Good Luck!

I was suggested to ATP before I had heard
of Ari-ben, and I have to admit they both are very nice looking candidates.

An overall attitude (atleast from everything I've heard!) at ATP kind of sold me at wanting to go there, they have a very large fleet, I can't imagine many cancelations due to maintinence problems. The slight touches like your citation ride, broad x-countries, being able to arrive at a destination airport (What state are we in? lol!) after a long haul and having a rental car/sleeping accomodations already handled for you.

I suppose why I would choose ATP over the Aviator is hard to put into words, but I just would. However, if I were not planning to go to ATP, Ari-ben would definately be on the top of my list.
Just finished a midnight to 4 AM sim session at Chautauqua Airlines and thought I'd get my Jetcareers fix in before going to sleep for the day. After seeing this post, I have to add a thought:

When you are deciding on a flight school, don't simply compare prices and total hours received. Instead think about where you want to be in a year, five years, ten years, etc. You should then decide on the school that gives you the best opportunity to achieve your goals. It is the same approach to choosing any advanced learning institution (i.e. a university, college, masters program, etc.). If you are smart, you don't just pick the university that offers the best "bang for your buck", but instead look for a place that will give you the skills to truly succeed in your chosen profession.

I can tell you from experience that attending ATP's Career Pilot Program was the best preparation I could have had for the extremely fast paced and intensive training at the airline. Since ATP is owned by a current Fed Ex captain and run by American pilots, the whole course is designed to give you a taste of what you are in for once you get the call from the airline -- i.e. you are given a lot of information in a relatively short period of time, and you are then expected to be a hard working professional in your approach to preparing for the written, the oral and the checkride.

That ATP manages to continuously graduate extremely competant and safe pilots in such an intensive training environment is a testament to the hard work put in by the management who run the company and by the entire staff of flight instructors (even you guys and gals on the phones in JAX

If you choose ATP and are willing to do the work necessary to succeed in aviation, you will not be sorry.
also, ari ben doesn't guarantee a price like atp, so it could cost more than advertised, and all x/c expenses are out of pocket like hotels/car etc, and I think the way atp has you flying airline style environment, ckecklists etc. will be helpful in the future. Not to mention the fact ari only has one location you could possibly instruct at. I have read from others on this site that ARI-BEN instructors only make about $500 a month, ATP's $1000 a month isn't much but I could get by on that. ATP instructors seem to get more hours a month too. I think the few thousand extra at ATP is worth it if you plan on instructing for awhile.
Better figure in some more cash for apts. at ARIBEN because they only give ya 3 months then its 500 a month after that, and I think the instructors don't get a deal on rent either, but I could be wrong.