ATP vs. Ari Ben


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I will be graduating from college this coming May and have decided to attend flight school. I have narrowed my decision to ATP and Ari Ben in Ft. Pierce. Both programs seem very similar. I have no flight experience and would be starting from scratch. I know this is an ATP forum, but can anyone sway me in either direction of which one is better? The pros and cons of each?

What do you have to have done before starting at ATP. I read somewhere about having the written portion of tests done before you start the program? Whats the deal with all of that?

I would be attending the JAX is it there? How about the living situation at Melrose? The price for the apt is included in the i get my own room?

I want to start in June...when is a good time to do my interview and sign up at ATP to be able to start then?

Any other thoughts would be great!!!
Though I can’t offer any specific advice on the two flight schools you’re speaking of, I will give you one suggestion. I would highly recommend that you at least get your private from an FBO prior to attending any flight school. Make sure flying is really what you want to do before making any sort of commitment. It will also save you a few bucks in the long run…
I'm currently going through ATPs ACPP program in the DFW location. I can't say enough about the program and what a great learning experience it has been for me. I've been to Colorado, New Mexico, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Florida (of course), Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi on cross country flights during the program. That's not a guarantee that every person going through the program will go to all those places...but ATP truly sends people on CROSS COUNTRIES! Not like other schools who claim to send people on coast to coast cross countries (which equal the Atlantic coast of Florida to the Gulf Coast of Florida). THe instructors I have are great guys. The program is great...but you do have to know your stuff and be prepared.

As far as the written's best to have them all done before starting the program. It makes your life easier while in the program. You don't have to have them all done before starting the program...but again, it's recommended.

Hope this helps!


How are the instructers out there? Do they seem to be knowledgable and do they teach the material well?

My instructors are great. I haven't had any problems with any of the material or on my checkrides. It's more like a laid back group of guys you hang out with rather than a cocky instructor and a peeon student.

If you are interested in starting in June I suggest you go for the interview about a month or two before you want to start. You have to complete the private written and the King video private course before you come so you want to have time to do that and it wouldn't hurt to get as many writtens out of the way as you can before starting the career pilot program. Remember the instrument and CFII written questions come from the same book so you should take them together that will save you some time studying.
Does anyone know if I do the PPL along with the ACPP does it have to be rigth after? Can I take off a month in betwee?

You can take a break after the private course. You just have to start the career pilot program within 30 days of completing the Pvt. program.