ATP Questions


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Ive been looking in the FARs and I've been looking for the ACTUAL reg that states that Cross Country time being counted for the ATP ride is 50nm+ distance. I know 135 is point to point etc etc. I'm looking for the regulation ACTUAL number that says the ATP requires 50nm distance to count towards the 500hrs of Cross Country experince.

Im also looking for the FAR that says where an airway is 4nm wide???

Any takers??

Your cross country reg is 61.1b,3,vi,B. "That is straight line distance of more than 50 nautical miles from the original point of departure; and" So, no landing is required for ATP.

You can look in your FAA Instrument Procedures Handbook, FAA H 8261-1A
Page 3-7, fig 3-7, Page 3-12, fig 3-16 about the airways.