ATP program


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I am attending ATP in November to complete my Multi add on, CFI, CFII, MEI, and the ASAP. Maybe two ASAPs. Any feedback on if I can instruct for them when I'm done? I hear that they require you to go to Jacksonville for a while. Are they just hiring the ACPP students? Not a big factor in my decision, just wondering. I've heard nothing but great things about ATP.
The vast majority of instructors are from the ACPP program, but there have been a very few that are hired from the "outside". When an instructor is hired, they first go to the corporate office in Jacksonville and answer phones in the office, waiting on openings at their selected locations.

ATP is great, and they deliver 100% of what they advertise. I'll give my standard advice to anyone starting anything at ATP: know the supplement cold, be able to recite all v-speeds, systems, aerodynamics and emergency checklists before you arrive. Makes life easier. I was suprised at how many add-on customers arrived not knowing some of this information. There's a Seminole audio review MP3 on the ATP webpage that is very useful.
I asked them this exactly one month ago and they do not plan on hiring outside at the moment as their ACPP is providing enough instructors to meet demand at the moment. If things change, then they may look outside, but at the moment, they only hire from with the career program.
Thanks for the information. I'll be attending either the Phoenix or Sacramento locations. Nice to know that they first hire you as an instructor then do your time in JAX. I was not aware of that. Any feedback on the SAC and PHX locations?