ATP Instructor Flexibility


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Just a quick question about CFIs at ATP. How much choice as to where you end up instructing is there. I am assuming that you have gone through the program successfully and are hired. Also, I understand you spend some time answering phones. My question is there are almost 20 ATP locations. Are you just assigned to the next one with an opening, or can you request to be slotted in to a specific location? Additionally are you expected to move around the system one you have been in one location? Thanks.



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I believe what has been said previously is that if you don't care where you want to go, you can just take the first position to open up. Also, if you want to go to a specific location you can wait around answering phones until a position there opens up..

Don't know how correct/incorrect that is though.


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When you are hired into the office, you are allowed to list 3 preferred locations. However, locations open up that nobody has on their list, and they begin by offering it to someone with the highest seniority or another consideration such as family nearby. I had Phoenix and Stuart on my list, and ended up taking Richmond when it became available.

You are not expected to move around, but can request it if needed.