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Hi, I am recently married and now looking for the right flight school to get going with my flying career (sound familiar). Does anyone know if my wife can stay with me in the provided housing or am I just out of luck if I want my wife to come with for the three months? Thanks.

You know, I have the same problem
My girlfreind is moving out here and I wanted her to be with me. But they told me its impossible and that I will have to live with a pilot roommate.
So the answer is pretty much, no you cant

btw: where are you planning to go to?
Hmmm, that makes things a little more interesting. I can confidently say she is not going to be too excited about that!! Thanks for the reply. By the way, do you know why I am shown as a "stranger" in the discussion room, even though I have been posting?

I dont know, i gave you 5 stars though hope it will help.
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Oh well,

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In my opinion, it's more adviseable to not have signifcant others around when you go through the program. Even though I'm single, I've spoken with friends who have completed the program and they went to another city to get away from their significant others because they could totally focus on the training. If you don't do the written exams ahead of time, you're studying when you're not flying. So you're pretty much studying, flying, and sleeping. If you do the writtens before you go, you'll have more free time, but you'll still be studying the Seminole systems and procedures and of course sim work. Your significant others can visit though, or you could go away for a weekend if you want. But the program is so intense that you're better off without the distractions. Just an opinion.

Can only second Sig on this one.
I could have gone through the program here in Riverside, in which case I would either have lived at home or at least seen my wife almost every day.
But I opted to go to Phoenix instead, just so I could focus on what needed focus in those 3 months; The studying.

3 months aren't that long.

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