ATP Grads -- What was your favorite XC flight?


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ATP Career Pilots pair up with other students and fly 75 hours of XC. You are dispatched to various destinations, and often wind up on the other side of the country from where you started. You get to fly all kinds of approaches (like a PAR approach), see all parts of the country (Oregon volcanos, Los Angeles Valley, Grand Canyon, Florida Coast), and meet all kinds of people.

I'd like to hear from other ATP grads, about your favorite XC flight!
I had a great time flying to Jacksonville, Fla. and back from Sacramento. We stopped in Riverside CA, Phoenix. AZ, Carlsbad NM, Arlington TX, Meridian MS, then on to Jax. We followed a huge weather system in the Southeast and I ended up with seven hours actual IFR. The guys in dispatch helped us pick routes through the bad weather. Overall, that trip was one of the best experiences I have ever had (in an aircraft).

Me too. I enjoyed the X/C to Jacksonville the most, Plus it gave me experience.

We flew for about 2 hours Totaly IFR, and got diverted due to heavy Icing, and landing in the middle of nowhere in Texas. Uncontrolled. Population of maybe 50

But I dont regret any second of it.

Plus it was all Multi-Engine!

I dont work as a CFI there because of family reasons, but if I had the chance I would have done that right away.

Good Luck to all, and I recommend ATP's Carreer Program!
My favorite flight was from FTY to BWG. We were solid IMC until over the mountains, then we were in the clear on top of a cloud deck, just before sunset. I took a picture, and it ended up as my Windows wallpaper. Descending through the layer, I shot my first "real" ILS in poor weather.