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I have a friend that is thinking of doing the 90 day program in dallas. She has private instrument and 120 hours. She does not have her comm,cfi,or foi writtens done yet but wants to start asap. Any problem with studying for the test's while doing the program? Any feedback about this or anything about the program or dallas operations would be great.
No problem at all. I went throught the Dallas location, and didn't have a single written done before I started. It's pretty busy for the first few weeks, but it can be done. Tell her to study, study, study before she starts, and try to knock out as many of the writtens as possible before she starts. Your friend will have a leg up already having her Instrument rating, although I'm sure they wont discount the cost of training for that.
Hey Jim how you doin in the CFI'n world eh? You should come by the jc chat sometime.. Well.. not like anybodys where but I bet we could get like 5 one evening!

How's the weather in Dallas? Hot dry or hot humid?
Man, I'm doing great, thanks for asking. Got picked up at a flight school and workin' my empennage off. Dallas is *HOT* and humid- flying 152s and 172s with dodgy air vents mean driving home in the evenings dripping with sweat, but at least it's honest sweat
Glad you're doin good! I hate humid heat, but I'm so used to it that it is the norm.. As long as there is a nice cool A/Ced building to return to.

How's the atmosphere in Dallas? Fairly lad back (relative of course)? I'm sure i've asked you stuff like this before but I forget things

I'm just checking out the other availible locations.. If I was rich I could fly to them all
Thanks Jim for the info. I think she is going to start within the month so any feedback from anyone in the program would be great.