ATP Checkride


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Hey everyone! Three years ago, I busted my initial LOE for my ATP ride at my regional (non-flow or guarnteed interview). It was in the sim, made a bonehead move on the go-around and retested 3 days later and passed. Never repeated a single sim before that and never had any issues since then, including all of my recurrent checkrides. Was scheduled to upgrade right before Covid struck but that’ll be delayed until hopefully no later than the end of this year. I also failed my PPL practical about 8 years ago. So here’s the question, my dream is to fly for a legacy carrier, one of the Big-3 or Big-2 for cargo. Do you believe I still have a shot given my record? I am also very involved in positions within our union and within my community as well.
In my experience, it shouldn't be a problem, UNLESS you have some kind of issue with your upgrade training. My $0.02 worth? Go into upgrade training EXTREMELY well-prepared. Spend a few years as a captain, then apply to a major. A couple of minor missteps are NOT a problem. What counts from here on out is a "clean" upgrade and a couple of solid years as a captain at a regional airline.