ATP after instrument rating


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Does anyone have any experience working with ATP after obtaining their instrument rating elsewhere? I am going to get my IFR rating through a private school, then go to ATP and get my Comm, CFII, MEI, and AMEL. Wondering what the costs would be. Id like to do it like they do teh ACP, all the work in the seminoles.
If you have an instrument rating already, they will still take you for the ACP program, and you'd spend the instrument portion of the course just sharpening your instrument skills and getting some extra cross country. You'll probably have to talk with the ATP folks and make a special arrangement, though.
I have talked to ATP about the same scenerio... the CFI/CFII?MEI is $6K and to get the comm single and multi is more depending on your hours. multi time is about $100/hr and single I believe was $60.

(terms and prices subject to vary without prior warning!)

In other words don't quote me, it's been a while... but I did tour the school today and tomorrow I am going to call about prices so I can update you if you wish!
I didn't know ATP offered a standalone commercial single engine course. (I'm in a similar boat, have Private/Instrument and am looking around for an accelerated commercial single engine program, then probably commerical multi, then hopefully the CFI Triple Deluxe).

I would be very interested in ATP if they had some way other than the ACP to get a commercial single engine ticket.

Would love to hear the updated info on prices.
I am not sure if it is a normal program they offer. I know that they are bending backwards on somethings to help some of us out (us being former students of ATA that got screwed) all I can say is call and ask...

Good luck