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Hello Everyone, I'm scheduled to take the Comm Multi add on at ATP in August and was wondering if anyone who has completed this course could answer this question for me. Is the Seminole Training Supplement that ATP sent to me really enough preperation for the oral exam? I'm considering purchasing Jepp's Multi book, but i'm a little short on cash and am hoping to get by without it. Thanks
The ATP Seminole supplement is probably the best document in existence on the Seminole, and will get you through most of it. The FAA's Airplane Flying Handbook has a good chapter on multiengine airplanes, but the best book in my opinion is Bob Gardner's The Complete Multiengine Pilot. It's around $20. The Jepp book is great, but covers much more than just what you are looking for. I also highly advise downloading and using the PA-44 MP3 audio file from the ATP webpage. I burned it onto a CD and listened to it in the car going to work before I came to ATP, and it helped. You really need to know the v-speeds, multiengine aerodynamics, systems, and engine failure checklists before you arrive.
Check out Bob Gardner's Complete Multiengine Pilot -- it's pretty thorough and the author hangs out on rec.aviation.piloting. Cheaper than the Jepp book, too.
I went through this course with All Atps. Their supplement and ground school is enough. The examiners they have for your checkride will ask you no more than what it is written in the supplements they send you by mail. The supplement is really complete, and pinpoints all the key features on multiflying.

Another point for the PIC in IMC. The flight instructor to log PIC with the other pilot on board must be an MEI (Multi-engine instructor) and have at least 5 hours of PIC time in the Seminole before logging the x-xountry time as PIC/Dual Given. All these according to the regs.

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